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QUICKSCAN Indexed-Video Electronic Publishing

1.Critical Mass

There are any number of incompatible hardware and software approaches to interactive audio/visual media. QUICKSCAN is the only one that starts with an installed base of millions of VCRs worldwide, capable of limited interactivity. Advanced modes and platforms can be rapidly grafted onto this base from Day One.

2. Fields and Frames

By entering the 'food chain' at the level of video fields and frames, QUICKSCAN cuts across NTSC, SECAM, PAL, HDTV and presumably new progressive scan systems without the need for multiple forms of hardware or new analog standards conversion.

3. Streaming Broadband?

When the global infrastructure of broadband networks, suitable hardware, software and services is finally in place, what will differentiate it from today's Television signal QUICKSCAN-indexed, and buffered on a digital video recorder with 'go-to'functions?

4. Display vs. Classified

Display ads, or their electronic counterparts--television commercials--are threatened by timeshifted media because they interfere with the enjoyment of program content.
Classified ads are avidly sought out by users, and any system that brings better quality, more visual ads at a cheaper cost, has a bright future.

5. Millions of users simultaneously.

Because the content or 'database' is timeshift-downloaded to the user's platform, any number can access the content without congesting networks and ports. System costs can be reduced. Feedback can be asynchronous via alternate means.